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Retractable hinged screen door for French doors

You are in the right place if quality is your top priority! With more than 10,000 customers served, A to Z Window Screens has been selling high-quality custom hinged screen door for more than a decade. Excellent looks, customized fit, top quality, and excellent service after the sale.

Many attractive styles to choose from! First of all, you want a door that looks great both the day it’s installed and for many years. A to Z offers the most diverse selection of swinging door styles in Sacramento. A to Z has many hinged screen doors to match your decor and taste.

Sliding Patio or Hinged Screen Doors with Aluminum Frames. Retractable doors are “disappearing.” All doors are serviced, repaired, and replaced. Do you need a replacement screen door for your house? All of our doors can be customized and installed to fit your needs.

Northridge Screen Service will install your custom-built door in San Fernando Valley. Here’s the reason. We make and install hundreds of custom-made hinged screen doors in many different applications. 

Aluminum Framed Hinged Swinging Door Screen Doors. All our heavy-duty sliding screens doors come with color-matched pet guards. Call us to inquire!

retractable screen doorGenius cool single retractable screen


Every swinging screening door is built to order. Mass-produced doors are sometimes sold as “one size fits ALL.” However, when you buy a swinging door from A to Z, our technician visits your home and measures your door jamb. After that, your screen door is custom-made to fit your opening as close as possible.

A quality screen door should last many years. A to Z hinged screen door are made from high-quality materials and will not sag in the least. Best of all, every one of our doors is proudly made in California. This supports our state’s economy and helps keep jobs and money where they belong.

A to Z’s swinging screening doors are made with strong extruded Aluminum alloy framing and not inferior roll steel or flimsy vinyl. The doors’ corners are mitered, and the internal key corners are made of strong extruded aluminum. Many customers are surprised to find that there is no plastic part on our screen door!

All of the door hardware, such as handles and door closers, are original Wright screen door components. They are also made of strong metal materials.

A to Z’s swinging doors come standard with high-quality charcoal fiber bug screen fabric. To ensure the best possible airflow, visibility, and durability, all A to Z’s swinging doors are powder-coated with durable, high-quality paints. A to Z offers a wide range of hinged screen doors made with aluminum extrusion framing.

It will never crack!

Screen doors imported from hardware stores are typically made of thin, roll-formed steel (that rusts) or plastic vinyl materials that sags, yellows, and breaks down quickly. 

We LOVE our customers! But, it goes without saying that this is not the case. We only want to meet you again when you’re buying another screen door.

The bottom line is that if we cannot warrant it, we won’t sell it. A to Z’s swinging screening doors are certified to original purchasers for five years against manufacturing defects and one year on the installation quality.

Needless to say that we have lots of happy customers who make a lot more return trips. We will sell our customers additional screens!

It is essential to do business only with companies that do excellent work and stand behind their work. With more than ten years of experience and thousands of customers, A to Z knows how to look after its customers. 

We have never had a complaint made to the Better Business Bureau or California Contractors State License Board. A Google search for “A to Z Window Screen Reviews” will show you that we pride ourselves on our excellent work and service. We go the extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with your buying experience.

There aren’t enough windows to cover all the places you need, so it is possible to shade certain parts of your house or outdoor spaces. Don’t let this discourage you! Roll-down sunscreens from A – Z may be the solution. Give us a call today so we can discuss it. 

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