Software Habanero Systems for Blackjack

Habanero Systems B.V. was founded in 2010 with a concentration on the design of virtual gaming machines for Asian markets.

In 2012, however, an unidentified “group of investors” acquired Habanero Systems and gave it its current form. We say enigmatic for a reason, as the only online references to the new proprietors consistently use this generic term.

In any case, Habanero Systems promptly set its sights on global expansion, forming lucrative partnerships with international operators such as iSoftBet, GWIN, and SKS365, among others. These transactions were intended to expand the company’s influence, particularly in the flourishing European market.

Currently, the corporation has offices in four international capitals:

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.
Cape Town, South Africa
Manila, Philippine Islands
City of Sofia, Bulgaria

By developing such a cosmopolitan platform, Habanero Systems has ensured that users savoring their preferred online casino games can select from among the following 21 languages:

European Dialects

Dutch German French
Germany Greece Italy
The Portuguese
French Spanish

Oriental Languages

The Chinese
Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese
Although Habanero Systems is still establishing a foothold in the competitive global iGaming industry, the company is well-established in the Asian market. When it comes to serving Asian online casino operators, the company is compared to industry leaders such as Playtech and others.

Nevertheless, since the 2012 acquisition, the company’s new ownership group has expanded rapidly beyond the Asian continent. Industry insiders have therefore compared its development rate to that of major software developers such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming.

In a recent interview, the director of corporate communications for Habanero Systems, Toni Karapetrov, described the company’s position on the industry totem pole in relation to these titans.

“It’s flattering to be compared to such game studios, given how rapidly we’ve grown in such a brief period of time. However, you are correct – success is difficult. Extremely severe competition and a true survival of the strongest exist in the world.

Players will not play low-quality games, nor should they be required to, so you cannot graze on an excellent game you created a few years ago. It is about continually shifting the balance forward.

It is necessary to personalize games for the participants, but it is also essential that they have widespread appeal. Our games feature extremely detailed visuals, intriguing mathematics, and high-quality audio, all of which are crucial.”

As more transactions continue to make headlines and Habanero Systems expands its operations into new markets, an increasing number of participants are becoming aware of the company’s products.

This group includes baccarat enthusiasts. And despite the fact that the Table Games menu pales in comparison to the Habanero Systems virtual slot selection, it does provide a respectable rendition of traditional blackjack as well as a Double Exposure variant.

Overall, Habanero Systems offers only two blackjack variations, but like an ace and a face, the company makes those two titles matter.

The purpose of this page is to provide participants with all the information they need about these two games. You will find a comprehensive list of client casinos utilizing the company’s software engine, as well as a detailed description of each game’s appearance, interface, and rules.

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