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How to Fix a Storm Door Retractable Screen


The benefits of a storm door equipped with a retractable shutter are likely to have been realized by those who own one. What happens when your screen becomes damaged or fails to open and close correctly. Glass Doctor can help with all your roller window screens issues.

You can read on to learn how you can fix common retractable storm door problems. Do you need to repair your window screen? Learn more information about our roller window screens and solar screen services.


How do Retractable Screen Door Systems Work?


Modern retractable screen doors work by rolling up and unrolling the material via a spindle on the top or sides of the door. When the screen has been rolled up, you can see through it without any screens. This protects your screen from daily wear and tear.


Here are the 5 steps to remove and install the spindle before making your retractable-screen repair. First, you need to take out the screen and the glass. Use a screwdriver and a socket wrench to loosen screws at the top that connect the screen with the glass. To keep it safe, remove the top of the track glass to prevent it bursting.

Continue to use your screwdriver to loosen screws at the top where the spindle and screen are located. This includes any screws or hardware holding the top edge of the door to the spindle.

After you’ve removed the top pieces, you can gently remove the entire section of screen. To reinstall the item, follow these instructions backwards. This will allow you to finally put everything back in the right place.

How to fix a Storm door Retractable Screen. Retractable screen doors may have one or both of these problems. These are the problems we recommend fixing.


How to Replace an Ripped Retractable screen


A full replacement of your screen will be necessary if the screen is damaged. Retractable screens will always be taut, so any patched screen will eventually get worse. The screen’s appearance will be affected if it is not repaired. Here’s how you can install your new screen.


After removing your spindle, take off the end cap. Remove any screws and slide the screen roll out of the pull-bar. After you have taken out the endcaps, remove the old screen. Inject the screen roll into a spindle. Secure the end cap to the spindle.

You can manually test the screen by turning the spindle over. How to Fix a Storm Door Screen that Won’t Close or Open. If your storm-door screen is being inflexible, it could be due to tension. Insufficient tension can cause your screen to be difficult to retract. There is too much tension in your screen if it struggles to stay folded.

Gently wind the end of the spindle to create tension. If there is too much tension, unwind gently. Do not unwind tension that is too strong. You could be hurt.

Trust Glass Doctor to Repair & Replace Your Screen. Glass Doctor will help you with your storm doors or home roller window screens , even if all this is too much for you. Contact us online to schedule an appointment or to discuss your storm doors.

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