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Solar Shades Versus roller window shades Tinting: Both the Pros And Cons


UV rays pose a threat to our skin. Sunscreen is essential for our skin, and we need sunglasses for our eyes. But how about our homes?

We all want to see the sunshine but we also need to make sure our homes are protected from the elements. There are two main ways you can achieve this: roller window shades tinting or solar shades. Each method has pros and cons. Even though we may be biased in our opinion, we are able to back our recommendation.


What is Window Tinting, exactly?

Window tinting can be described as the bonding of film. It typically consists of a transparent layer (usually polyester) and a thin coating of tinting agents, such dyes or carbon. To bond the tint to the window panes, adhesive is used. Window tints may be customized to meet certain customer requirements such as privacy, heat regulation, and security from shattering.


Window tinting pros:

Lower Energy Costs: By tinting roller window shades, heat is prevented from entering your home. In winter, heat is retained and heat is not lost. This double effect reduces electricity consumption and fuel costs. This reduces the glare which can damage your eyes.


Furniture and Floor Protection – Window tinting is proven effective in preventing premature fading of furniture and hardwood floors.

Houseplant Protection: Sunlight and glare can have damaging effects on houseplants. Window tinting reduces sunlight glare to protect plants from excessive light.

Shatter Safety. Tinted roller window shades are less likely to shatter than non-tinted. Window tinting reduces the possibility of injury to people if a window is broken.


Cons of Window Tinting

Only for limited purposes: Tinting windows should not be used on certain types of windows like double pane or low e windows. Window tinting can compromise the window’s quality and cause permanent damage. A tinting company may cover the warranty in the event that it is voided by its manufacturer. However, this could affect the house’s ability to sell.

Sunscreen Window Treatments

Temperature Issues – Window tints can heat up too quickly, making it more difficult to install. Tinting that isn’t done correctly can crack or bubble. For beautiful windows to last, it’s crucial to get trained professionals.

What are Solar Shades and How Do They Work?

Solar shades are screens made of polyester that block excess light from entering your property. They are similar in appearance to regular window treatment but also filter out harmful UV light. Solar shades are available with PVC coatings for increased durability. Also, they can be ordered in a custom openness factor that allows clients to control how much light is filtered through the shades.

Solar Shades Reduce Energy Costs: Solar shades block heat from the summer and keep it warm in the winter. These factors contribute to lower energy costs. Solar shades work better than window tinting to keep heat out of your windows because they keep them cool in the summer.

Sunscreen Window Treatments

It promotes skin health: You can use solar shades on almost any type of roller window shades. Stylistic Variety. You can choose from a variety solar shades to suit your style. This reduces the risk that your vision will be damaged.


Intact Warranty. Solar shades do not affect your roller window shades manufacturer’s warranty. Flexibility. Although window tints last for a set amount of time, solar shades can be removed and rolled up at will. Roll up the shades to get a great view of your backyard. The shades can be motorized or controlled remotely using a wall switch.


Aesthetic problems: While solar shades don’t impact your view from within the house, some types can make the house appear darkened from the outside. This style isn’t right for everyone.

Too Much Darkness. You might end up spending more money for interior lighting because of solar shades that are too effective. For some people, this negative could also be a positive. Vulnerability: Solar shades are subject to damage in stormy weather conditions, and may require repair from time to time.

Sunscreen Window Treatments

Air Flow inhibition: Some solar shades can have thicker layers than others, which can pose a problem for homeowners who view windows as ventilators. Book a consultation with our experts to find out more about solar shades versus window tinting. We will examine your roller window shades and give you an honest assessment of which option might be best for your home.

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